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Franchise Profiles is providing this online list of Franchise related links to assist you in your franchise research. We do not endorse any website nor its content. You must investigate an opportunity thoroughly. Although a "real" franchise system is the most secure investment, there are many franchise pretenders. If you have any doubt about a company listed on any web site from the links listed on Franchise411, please contact us for verification.

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Franchise Links: Investigative & Educational

FranchiseAdvantage : is a leading franchise opportunity portal featuring franchise opportunities, established franchises for sale and businesses for sale. For franchisors, reports are very favorable for attracting qualified franchise prospects. The site also provides a resource center with information about the history of franchising, links to news articles, and business loan resources. Careful though - some "biz-opps" are mixed in with real franchises! On-the-web since December 1999!

Franchise-Update : is the leading franchisor portal designed for franchisors and franchise management.  The site also provides a resource center with information and links to news articles, franchisee management, recruiting and business loan resources. Resource for franchisors, development consultants, and advertising and marketing suppliers providing access to the most comprehensive research guide to sales and lead generation performance in franchise system growth. Also provides franchisee buying and resource guide on On-the-web since October 1999!

BeTheBoss : Franchise interactive website for potential franchisees. Franchise development and educational articles for future franchisors. In affiliation with MFV Expos, this website features paid listings for franchise advertisers with a user database configuration to track and manage your franchise investment investigations. Produces pre-qualified franchise leads for franchisors. Franchise advertising program for franchisors and franchise suppliers. Active and aggressive in franchise events and Expos.  On-the-web since August 1996!

Bison : Get a basic franchise overview, find contact information, click on a link to go directly to a selected franchise system's web site, or request a franchise information package. BISON was the most cost effective and reliable franchise advertising program for franchisors and franchise suppliers. Under new management, the website is difficult to navigate now and not as franchise savvy as the original. But with time could revive it's long standing #1 position. On-the-web since January 2003!

Find A Franchise : focuses on franchise-matching with an emphesis on providing 'caveat emptor' educational resources. Due-diligence guides and a 5 Tier search engine assists serious franchise buyers in sorting through more than a thousand great franchise opportunities. Visitors are provided franchise details and access to direct contact to chosen franchises. Specialized franchise listing criteria helps qualified buyers find a good selection of custom franchise matches from which to choose just the right business. On-the-web since January 2002!

Franchise411 : (Franchise Profiles International Home) Our online library & resource center to provide you with the most comprehensive franchise information available in the world today. Developed for franchisees, franchisors, investors, educators and includes the best related notable franchise links online.  On-the-web since January 1994

Franchise Info Mall : (FIM) A one stop franchise community online with "googles" of franchise links. For franchise owners, franchisors, franchise professionals and anyone serving or interested in franchising and franchise related subjects. FIM is a great educational source of franchise info, data and statistics.  On-the-web since July 1998!

International Franchise Association : (IFA) The largest and most recognized pro-franchise political organization worldwide serving the interests of its members, franchisors and franchisees alike as well as suppliers to the franchising community. Also, the IFA is the most active and visible voice in legislation related to franchise laws. The IFA sponsors and hosts several franchise trade shows, international franchise trade missions and franchise educational seminars. Although naturally the IFA primarily serves the interests of its member companies first, it also serves the entire franchise community. The IFA is a valuable source of franchise guidelines, data and statistics.

Caution: Do not rely on a company's membership in the IFA as a guarantee of success or the lack of a company's membership in the IFA as a lack of validity as a great franchise investment.  

Warning: There are some "biz-opps" and other non-franchise links co-mingled within some of the link lists these websites:, and - please be sure that the opportunity you choose is a ligitimate franchise.

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Disclosure & Non-Disclosure- (Caveat Emptor & Caveat Vendor!!!)

Franchise Alternatives & Options- (A word from the Franchise-Wise)

Franchise Groups & Groupies- (There is a difference: IFA, FFA, CFE, AFA, AAFD, FTC, ZZAG, BBB)

Zee & Zor Service Providers- (Bean Counters, Legal Eagles, Agents, Advisors & BAD-visors)

Franchise Flops, Fakes & Frauds- (Losers, Snoozers, Liars & Thieves)

Franchise Hipsters & Hype-sters- (Gurus, Mentors & Tormentors)

Franchise Wire & Media Hype- (Editorials, Advertorials & MAD-vertorials)

Franchise Library & Resources- (Where to find Franchising Brain Candy offline)

Global Franchising: 2010 & Beyond- (Franchise Psychic Reveals All)

Franchising & the Internet- (MicroSoft meets the franchising community)

FranChat- (Chat with real Zees & Zors)

Franchise "U"- (What You Can Never Learn at Harvard)

Franchising: Who's Who & Why- (& Who's Not & Why)

Franchising: Ratings & Awards- ("You Can't Handle the Truth!", . . . or can you?)

Franchise Legal Buzz & Politics- Franchise Law News: Bills & Cases to Watch

Global Franchising: Year 2003 & Beyond- (Franchise Visionary Reveals Future Franchise Winners & New Concepts)

Franchising & the Internet- (MicroSoft meets the Franchising Community-Where is Apple?)

Franchise Attorneys

VINCENT M. AMBERLY, Washington, DC. Our lead franchise attorney since 1988 and a partner in the law firm of Amberly & Associates
Education: Univ. of Virginia (B.A., 1976; J.D., 1979). Author: Chapter, "The Interface Between Antitrust and Intellectual Property Law Principles," Intellectual Property Counseling and Litigation, published by Matthew Bender, 1994. Deputy Attorney General and Chief, Antitrust Division, Delaware Department of Justice, 1981-1983. Program Advisor for Deceptive Sales Practices Program, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission, 1987. Member: District of Columbia Bar; Delaware State and American (Member: Antitrust Section; Litigation Section; Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law Sections; Forum on Franchising) Bar Assns. Practice Areas: Franchising; Trademark Law; Copyright Law; Antitrust Law; Intellectual Property Litigation.
Email:Vince Amberly

WARREN LEWIS, Washington, DC - franchise attorney and author of one of the best subjects to read about in franchising "How Much Money Can I Make?" in his book "Franchising: Dollars and Sense". It's all about the earnings claims issues that every franchisee wants to know. (details posted soon!)

RICHARD C. DUELL III, Birmingham, AL - Franchise attorney and author of the very informative and thought provoking "Franchisor Alert" newsletter and online   published weekly.

Caution:There are many law firms today claiming to have "franchise attorneys" or franchise departments. Franchising is a very specialized area of the law. As such, only seasoned franchise attorneys with excellent track records can really provide you with accurate, timely and current legal advice on franchising. BEFORE you retain a law firm, get a written proposal of expected fees. Also, request a list of clients with whom you can speak to ascertain the expertise of the attorney in the specific area of law for which you are seeking legal advice. Call several of the firm's clients to compare your level of expectation of an attorney with the reality of real franchisors' and franchisees' experiences. Finally, the biggest and/or oldest firms are not the best fchoice simply by virtue of their firm's size or age.

Franchise Links: Government & Legal
Federal Trade Commission : (FTC) The department of the United States Government that governs the rules and regulations of franchise and business opportunities based in the USA. This department also has many other responsibilities and divisions such as consumer protection/information concerning consumer investments, solicitations, products, business practices and complaints. Lately the FTC is involved in the actions/complaints related to the Internet.

With slight editing liberty taken, this is the FTC's mission quote: "The Federal Trade Commission enforces a variety of federal antitrust and consumer protection laws (including franchise and business opportunity laws). The FTC seeks to ensure that the nation's markets function competitively, and are vigorous, efficient, and free of undue restrictions. The FTC also works to enhance the smooth operation of the marketplace by eliminating acts or practices that are unfair or deceptive. In general,the FTC's efforts are directed toward stopping actions that threaten consumers' opportunities to exercise informed choice."

Caution: Do not confuse the scams/fraud/cases of "biz opps" or "franchise pretenders" listed on the FTC web site with valid franchise systems.

Franchise Links: Franchise Systems
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